Special Feature: "Staying Healthy in College"

Late night studying with Red Bull? College doesn't have to be test cramming, pizza, and energy drinks. You can eat well and be healthy throughout your busy day by following these easy tips instead!
     1. Get enough sleep - A college student needs 6-8 hours of sleep in order to function properly throughout the day. Create a routine of being in bed at a certain time every night. Also, finish homework assignments and studying during the day so you don't pull an "all-nighter." You'll notice quickly how alert and ready for the world you'll be after a good night's sleep!
     2. Eat breakfast - Studies have shown that breakfast is crucial in maintaining weight (fight that Freshman 15!), because skipping breakfast leads to overeating later on in the day. A well-balanced breakfast of fruits, whole grains, and low-fat dairy will also give you the fuel to stay focused during your morning classes.
     3. Eat healthy snacks - Stay away from vending machines! They are filled with highly processed fats, sugars, and calories. Instead, carry around quick-and-easy snacks - granola bars, whole-wheat pretzels, and trail mix of nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and granola. These mid-afternoon foods will keep you going until dinnertime.
     4. Choose wise alternatives - We all love junk food, but if you find yourself reaching for that bag of chips often, think about switching to these healthier alternatives:
          a. French Onion Dip --> Salsa, Hummus
          b. Cheese Pizza --> Vegetable Pizza
          c. Potato Chips --> Flavored Rice Cakes, Lightly Buttered Popcorn, Celery with Peanut Butter
          d. Donuts or Breakfast Sandwiches --> Whole-Wheat Bagel, English Muffin, or Toast with Cream Cheese or Jelly
          e. Energy Drinks and Soda --> Herbal Tea, Vitamin or Flavored Water, 100% Fruit Juice
          f. Cheeseburger and Fries --> Hearty soup and salad (stay away from the fatty salad dressing though! oil and vinegar is a great alternative)
     5. Exercise - Regular physical activity has been shown to maintain weight and even improve your mood. Find an activity on-campus you enjoy such as walking, bicycling, bowling, or aerobics. Make it fun too by including friends or listening to music!

To learn more about healthy living on-campus please go to the SCSU Wellness Center website!